How Do I Join Claycomo?

How to Join Claycomo Baptist Church

 If you are interested in joining Claycomo Baptist Church, we invite you to "come forward" during the hymn of invitation at the conclusion of a worship service. The Pastor will talk with you about your decision.

We believe there are two requirements for church membership: salvation and believer’s baptism.

 We receive members in one of three ways:

1. By Baptism: upon the profession of your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

a. If you have just become a Christian and have not yet been baptized by immersion...

b. If you are a member of another church, and are a Christian, but have never been baptized by immersion the Pastor will meet with you and schedule a time for your baptism in an upcoming worship service.

2. By Letter: If you are currently a member of another Baptist church, we will request your previous church to send us a letter confirming your membership there.

3. By Statement: when no letter is possible:

a. If you were a member of a Baptist church, but have since joined another denomination.

b. If your previous church records have been lost, or the church disbanded.

c. If you have never been a member of a Baptist church, but have been baptized, by immersion, by a church of like faith and order. Your statement is that you are a Christian and were baptized following your profession of faith, and that you are in agreement with our theology of baptism and salvation.

 If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to become a part of our growing family at Claycomo Baptist Church.